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Kelcie- I love ya hun, love all our sleepovers xo bf4e
Hannah- Good times swimming and running xo bf4e
Emily- Jelly bean bear! ahhh! I love ya xo bf4e
Erin- Good times driving to school every morning, love ya! bf4e
Ashley- Good times in home room! Your so funny xo bf4e
Lauren W.- Good times at lunch, talking about guys love ya. bf4e
Lauren L.- Loved last summer, hope to see you soon! xo bf4e
Maddy- Your so nice I love ya xox
Ellie- Your the coolest girl, love ya!
Regan- I love you hun
Kristen- Track was so much fun love ya
Jessica E.- Miss you, play boys next year so many good times!
Shelby- Love ya hun your lots of fun xo
Chelsea- Good times driving to the dance! Thanks for the rides to school
Jess- Lunch was fun xo
Meaghan- Glad I met you hun xox
Robin- Good times at Hannahs love ya
Courtney- Cant wait to see you this summer its gonna be so much fun ox
Devon- Love ya hun
Sara- Glad I met you xo
Veronica- Nice to meet you this year hope to see you soon
Jessica H.- Good times at hockey camp
Julia- Glad we're in the same class
Maria- So glad we met this year
Kate- Love ya
Tamara- Love your site xox
Hailey- Good times talking about guys at hockey camp
Melissa- French class is fun love ya
Elizabeth- Oh its Ozzy! lol
Laura- Glad to meet you so many things in common about Andrew
Hannah P.- So glad too meet you
Erin B.- Good times chatting on msn
Noemy- Havent met you but your cool! xo

Andrew- Cant wait until you come to bihi you are going to fall in love with all my friends! Pop can! lol xo
Dylan- You have a hot stomach, we have lots of fun love ya xox
Alex- Good times on webcam, I love ya
John S.- Cant wait until summer, bring guys to your cottage please love ya
Kris S.- Hope were on the same team next year had so much fun this year xox
Jon H.- Dated two of my friends but I still love ya
Mike- Great times at your house love ya
Clem- Glad you unblocked me..jeez lol
Danny L.- Good times at the hotel lol love ya
John N.- Had so much fun driving to Saint John
Noah- Good times last year ox
Liam- Glad I met you this year
Chris M.- You will never see my rack lol
Glenn- Thanks for playing me, jk love ya
Brett- Your the coolest dude in the world
Mathieu- Glad were in the same class
Mark- fun times on msn !! xox love yeah
Spencer- Thanks for that gum
Kyle- Your cool love ya
Chris W.- Sorry about buggin you everyday your a great neighbour xo
Paddy- Love your hair xox
Kirk- Great defence partner
Scott- Coolest dude ever good times in the class
Ben S.- We went out and broke up but I still love ya
Kerry- Your funny and I love ya
Danny W.- So glad to hear you dont hate me now, lol
Devin P.- Stay away from my sis xox
Brian- Good times last summer in the pool, cant wait till you come to my school
Luke- Thanks for the drives to hockey
Ben J.- Stop stalking me and my friends, your dirrty