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About Me

sum stuff about me

 hey !!!
name : michelle
age: 13
fav sport: hockey of corse
fav movie: 10 things i hate about u
fav singer: J-lo
school: bihi
grade: 7
class: 7-1
my bf: no one
birth date: feb. 9, 1991
sis: erin
bro: alex
hobbie: hangin with friends
single or not: single

 i love hanging with my friends. But most of all  i love shopping at Garage i think most of my clothes r from there lol   kelc says i ave no life cuz i love hockey so much and play it liek almost everynite for most of the year lol  If u dont like crazy ppl then  i guess u dont like  me cuz i am crazy 24/7 as everyone would no lol  This summer were going have sum good times at  my cottage with all the guys its going to be one big party!!!!

dance got cancelled:(

DANCE !!! (kinda)

Friends (srry if ur not here tell me and i will add u )

Kelc, Han, Em, Ash, Erin, Reg, Mad, El, Lauren L, Loir, Jess, Shelb, Kris, Rob, Meg, Chelsea, Dev, Julia, Kate, Innah
Boys:  Alex, Jordan, Andrew,  John N , John S, Liam, Kris, Chris M, Peter, Jon, Mike, Kevin, Spencer, Chris W, Kyle, Paddy, Danny, Cole, Tristian, Kirk, Ewen, Scott

Fav places to hang wit friends !!!
  • mall
  • movies
  • lake
  • house
  • school
  • rink
  • cottage